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titles available from CYD Enterprises

Claim Your Destiny! 

The Claim Your Destiny Workbook is a perfect complement for the life-changing book!  The workbook will take you through questions and activities that will force you to stretch as you tap into the unlimited potential you possess! Working through the workbook is like having the dynamic coaching of Sugar Ray available 24/7!

Claim Your Destiny! 
Your Guide to tapping into your unlimited potential!

Claim Your Destiny is the book that will help you tap into the unlimited potential you possess!  If you are ready for your breakthrough this is the book for you!  You will be empowered with the stories of average people who have achieved amazing victories!  You will be introduced to tools that will help you master yourself and live your dreams!  If you are ready, now is the time for you to Claim Your Destiny!

children's titles available

Zayden's Awesome Adventures

Book 1: Zayden Goes to the Store

Zayden's Awesome Adventures is a children's book series written by 9 year old author Zayden Mack.  This book is the first of many new adventures to come.  If you are looking for something interesting and family friendly to share with your early readers, this is the perfect book.  Grab your copy today and support 9 year old first time author, Zayden Mack today!