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CYD Enterprises was established in 2013 as a training and consulting company.  We specialize in leadership, self-improvement, self-management, presentation development and performance improvement programs.  We offer services for schools, organizations and corporations of all sizes.  We also host youth conferences in major cities across the country.  We have seen improvement in the performance of the clients we have partnered with and are excited about the growth and future opportunities that await us.

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Program Facilitator

Purpose: The position of Program Facilitator facilitates the Youth Leadership Program on a weekly basis to provide quality programs to youth participants involved in the program. The Program Facilitator will lead discussion and educate youth involved in the program about success principles while rewarding youth for positive behavior noticed each week. 
Location: The Program Facilitator works on site in the classroom where the Leadership Program is being held. 
Key Responsibilities: 

  • The Program Facilitator reviews accuracy of attendance of participants and volunteers each week.
  • Greets participants and makes sure they have their binders on a weekly basis. 
  • Answers questions about the program and provides forms when necessary. 
  • Ensures that each participant has a signed registration form on file with updated contact information for parents/guardians. 
  • Recruits guest speakers for each week of the program. 
  • Makes reminder phone calls to parents each week about upcoming program dates and recap of previous week of class. 
  • Makes reminder phone calls and sends emails to guest speakers for the following week. 
  • Serves food to youth participants in program each week. 
  • Helps with planning of graduation and field trips for program. 
  • Helps prepare mailings for final graduation. 
  • Other duties as assigned.

Length of Appointment: The Program Facilitator is assigned to one day per week for a period of three months. After three months, the Program Facilitator may be reappointed for another three months at the discretion of management. 
Time Commitment: One day per week for three to four hours, for a minimum of three months. 
Qualifications: Excellent presentation skills! Basic knowledge of computer and data entry. Pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability, dependability. 
Support: Training for this position will be provided.
Age Requirement: 18 years of age or older